Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative: Which One Is Right For You?

Looking for an Aerogarden grow sponge alternative? Check out the our products! Made from natural rock, these cubes provide a perfect air to water ratio for healthy plant growth. They’re also reusable, so you can use them over and over again!

It helps you make the most of your space and keeps things neat, organized, and easy to find. When storing yarn, yarn needles or other tools that may become lost, it will help save time while keeping you organized.

Our Top Picks:

Best For Overall:Urban Leaf AeroGarden Compatible Sponges

Runner-Up:Aerogarden Compatible Sponges by EZ-gro

Best For Design:AeroGarden Sponges (50-Pack)

Best For Ease Of Use:EVERECOO Grow Sponges

Best For Budget:Accoorder Seed Starter Grow Sponges

Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative Reviews 2022

Urban Leaf AeroGarden Compatible Sponges

Urban Leaf AeroGarden Compatible Sponges is specifically designed for the use with home models and are made to have the best functionality in the AeroGarden model as they’re capable of filtering up to 200 gallons per sq. ft. per day of fine micron particles.

The product is being offered by Home Depot as an exclusive partnership with TopGrow. The sponges are reusable and biodegradable and can be used over an extended period of time without having to worry about the normal wear and tear that comes with using the product.

These sponges are also fully compatible with any type of the grinder mechanism that comes along with the AeroGarden model. They are made from completely natural ingredients and have been made to get rid of all the odors as well as the toxins that may be present inside the unit.

These factors help in the consumption of less water and they do not create any sort of damage to the plants, just like in nature. The product is made from a material that has been developed from a natural sponge, hence the name.

The first thing that comes to the mind when using this product is the word comfortable and it really is since there are absolutely no troubles with the consumption of water and they can be used over a long period.


-Durable in nature

-Good for the hygiene and durability of the garden parts.



Aerogarden Compatible Sponges by EZ-gro

Aerogarden Compatible Sponges by EZ-gro is a product that is used in substitution of the sponge that comes with the aerogarden and it is something that has been developed for the sake of ease and comfort.

The main idea behind it is to have a fresh and clean look of the outer surface and this is something that can be achieved by using this product. These sponges are very much comfortable to use and have the ability to give an even spread of water over a large area.

These sponges are made up of a good quality material and are reusable. Hence, one can have clean and hygienic garden without much effort. This is something that has been made keeping in mind the comfort and ease.

It can be used by everyone and anyone who has a problem with their hands to hold the aerogarden can use these sponges for easy access and handling.


-Good for cleaning the koi pond or lake.

-It gives an easy access to all the corners of the pond and helps in removing the excess water from the surface.


-May create some holes in the surface if it is not spreaded properly.

AeroGarden Sponges (50-Pack)

AeroGarden Sponges (50-Pack) is one of the best and amazing addition to your pool or koi pond. This product has been tested by many people and have proven its worth. These sponges absorb the waste water, reduce the pH level and also provide a smooth surface.

It helps in giving uniformity to the pool and also improves the oxygen level. These sponges are reusable and easy to maintain. They need regular inspection, as there is a danger of losing them and it is important to change them at least once a week.

The filter media is removed by rinsing them under the tap. Once they are rinsed, they can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and they can be reused. These sponges are perfect for any water garden and also help in reducing maintenance.

It is important to use a timer for your automatic plant watering system. This helps in maintaining the level of chlorine in your pool water. This can be used in your pond, koi ponds and also lakes.


-Great choice for smaller pools with low demand for water.

-May also be useful if you want to save some money by only having to maintain the pump.


-Your pool will run dry during the summer months.

EVERECOO Grow Sponges

EVERECOO Grow Sponges is one of the best grow sponges available in the market today. These sponge maintain high oxygen levels to promote healthy plants and reduce algae problems. These grow sponges are great for beginners and professionals.

It’s a very efficient and easy to use product that has helped me in my growing journey. Having a professional grow kit is essential if you want to start your journey as a grower. But it is not easy to find the right grow kit for you.

These sponges can be used in ponds, aquariums and also on the pool filter. These sponges also help to control muck for your garden as well. Even though these sponges are mainly used in gardens and pools, they can also be used in your home.

These sponges are of high quality and they can be used over a long period of time. These are mostly known for their natural color, which is bright and pretty. You can also choose the color that suits your home.

These sponges are mainly made up of natural material and it has been designed in such a way that it can be easily cleaned. These are water proof and does not wear out even after several uses.


-Best for natural cleaning solutions

-They are non-toxic and eco-friendly

-Highly absorbent, best for mopping


-Requires regular cleaning.

Accoorder Seed Starter Grow Sponges

Accoorder Seed Starter Grow Sponges is another perfect option for your house, especially if you have kids. These are 100% natural, which means that it will not release any kind of chemical or nasties. It is made up of the best quality natural material that can hold water for longer duration.

It is easy to use, light weight and super absorbent. The sponge is food grade and they are non-toxic. You can use them to wash your hands, clean walls and floors. It is important to know that these grow sponges can be reused for a long time and when used again it can absorb more water.

It is suitable for potting and seed starting. You can easily use it to soak seeds and transfer them to pots or into trays. Silica gel based soil and growing media. This is a ready to use, non-porous, vermiculite-based growing media and plant food.

The bag has 100g of the product which is enough for ten days of growing. It contains 2% silica gel which provides protection against high heat and increases germination rates. The product is suitable for seed starting in trays, pots, and modules.


-Great for improving germination rates.

-It can increase by more than 30%.

-It is non-allergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable

-Great for starting seeds in grow kits.


-It is great for certain types of growing and seed starting but not very practical if you want to use it on a daily basis.

PACETAP Grow Sponges

PACETAP Grow Sponges is a sponge that can be used to hydrate and soak up nutrients. These grow sponges absorb essential water and release it to the roots of the plant.

These absorbent materials have the capacity to remove excess salts, water, nutrients and other impurities in the water to prevent the plants from drowning. It effectively removes the salts that cause chlorosis in the plant and they become more resistant to diseases and pests.

These absorbent materials are also known to expand, thus retaining the level of water. Also, they can be used as a mini strainer, removing any impurities and floating particles that may get caught in the flow mechanism or in the drain hole.

Do not use them to remove solid materials. Instead, install a strainer/sieve on top of the drain hole that collects any debris and other solid materials, which can clog the drain hole and eventually cause blockages.

To avoid clogging, it is important to change the filter monthly, or when it becomes dirty. There are several ways to do this, depending on the type of home owner you are.


-Perfect for households with pets, who tend to leave deposits behind.

-They are incredibly easy to install and remove, thus allowing you to keep the drain in good condition.



LYKOCLEAN Replacement Grow Sponges

LYKOCLEAN Replacement Grow Sponges is a great option for drain sponges. Made from jute, these are perfect to use to catch any solids and debris left behind by pets. They are also reusable, so you can use them again and again.

Made from 100% organic materials, they are biodegradable and non-toxic. These sponges can be used to catch leaves, grass cuttings, pine needles, and even sand. They’re perfect for kids, too!

With a few taps of their phones, we can discover the most interesting things about our world. We can even leave reviews. This is the 7th generation and it’s designed to be thinner than previous generations but with longer battery life. The company makes a lot of claims: up to 18 hours of battery life, 10-second charges and 5-minute speeds.

However, the manufacturer does not recommend using these for growing plants because they may block the drain. This is the same problem with other brands, so we would recommend that you do not buy these for growing.


-Great for kids and anyone else who loves gadgets. This year’s Little Firebox version is even better!

-It is fun, educational, and easy to use.


-No cons to be honest. This is one of the best gift ideas for kids or anyone who loves gadgets.

VIC VSEE 100 Pack Growth Sponges

VIC VSEE 100 Pack Growth Sponges is a good set of sponges to grow plants in your home. While they do have a large price tag, they will give you a lifetime of use.

However, this may be the most expensive choice on our list. These are best for beginners who want to grow plants and a more hands-on approach. This can also be a good gift for kids who want to grow something.

It also helps you create your own ecosystem and allows you to introduce bugs and different living creatures into your space. It can also be good for your health since you are growing plants. Give your kid a crash course on gardening to help them develop their love for nature and the wonderful world of plant life.

These sponges are also reusable. They allow you to fully clean them in between uses. However, we highly recommend that you don’t put your hands directly in the water while they are still wet as this may cause infections.


-Great for kids and beginners looking to start off on their plant journey.

-They are reusable, so you can use them over and over again.

– Environmentally friendly, as well as cost-efficient.


-A bit difficult to grow at first.

changsha 50Pcs Grow Baskets Set

changsha 50Pcs Grow Baskets Set is ideal for people who are looking to start off with growing their own indoor plants. They have 4 different levels of baskets, so you can start with the ones that suit your needs the best.

They also have a hydroponic mix as well, if you want to add some nutrients to your plants. You can grow most kinds of indoor plants with this set, and they also come with detailed instructions on how to water them and care for them.

The set is perfect for any beginner looking to start with growing their own plants, and it’s a great value as well. The Grow Kit comes with a carry case, 3-gallon grow pots, grow medium, seeds and has everything you need to start growing right out of the box.

The kit includes everything you need to start growing from the very first plant you plant until it reaches maturity. It’s very complete, as it has all the elements needed to start growing. The kit is great for any beginner looking to get started with home gardening.


-Best for beginners looking to get started with home gardening.

-Complete set for beginners, as it has everything you need to start growing right out of the box.


– The kit doesn’t include an irrigation system and grow lights.

Aoolbic 60 Pack Plant Grow Sponges

Aoolbic 60 Pack Plant Grow Sponges is another product from the hydroponic world that is specifically focused on growing indoor plants. The sponges come in a pack of 60 and are made up of a cotton base, making them highly absorbent.

The sponges are quite soft and easy to use. The instructions on the packaging clearly show you how to make a hanging garden using these sponges.

They are also very easy to install in a hanging pot or window planter. They are so easy to use that I was able to easily pull off a few sponges and pop them in the microwave to kill off any germs.

These are perfect for beginners looking to get started with plant propagation or those that want to take their space a notch higher. The product is great and has many benefits such as the environment friendly aspect, cost effective, easy to use, and you can grow plants with no hassles.


-Good for beginner, saves time and cost, easy to use, environment friendly, and plant propagation.

-Perfect for window planters and hanging planters.

-Ideal for beginners. Easy to use, plant propagation. Cost effective. Less space consumption.


-Not the most realistic looking but who cares, that’s not what they are made for.

LUTER 50Pcs Grow Sponges Seedling Starter Plugs

LUTER 50Pcs Grow Sponges Seedling Starter Plugs is another great option for those that are looking to get started with plant propagation. The product is packed with 50 sponges and has a perfect shape and size for those wanting to start their very first plants.

The product can be used for rooting cuttings, propagation, air layering and more. The product is made with pure silicone material so it has a soft and smooth surface that makes it easier to fit the sponge into your plant cuttings.

It is a 100% organic and biodegradable product that doesn’t contain any heavy metals and harmful chemicals. It can easily be cut to smaller pieces for users who don’t have enough room for planting the entire sponge, so it’s also versatile.


-Premium quality100%

-Silicone material

-Soft and smooth surface

-Easy to use for the most inexperienced users is difficult to damage the rooting portion for root growth


-Some users find it hard to fit into the plant cutting holes Some find it too big for their needs and hard to plant inside the plant

Moistenland 50-Pack Compatible Seed Pod Sponges

Moistenland 50-Pack Compatible Seed Pod Sponges is made of a premium quality material. It is a reusable product for watering your plant. These sponge are made of 100% natural wood pulp material. It is easy to clean and reusable. The seed pod sponges are compatible with the majority of size plants.

It has a circular shape in the middle that makes it easier to water the roots of the plant with less chances of accidentally uprooting the root from the ground. In order to make it easier to water the roots of the plant, it has a small hole in the middle.

This hole helps water to flow from the side towards the center of the plant. If you have ever watered a plant before, you would know that most of the time when watering the roots of the plant, we sometimes accidentally pull up the roots of the plant because there is a fine line between pulling out.

The hole is big enough to water the roots of the plant without causing any root damage. The shape of the sponge makes it quite easy to keep an eye on where you are watering from and how much water to add.


-Great for plants with root system . (such as rose bushes and some herbs)

-Great for containers with soil.

-Easy to clean Cons



-Not good for plants that don’t have deep roots

Alphatool 100 Pack Eco-Friendly Plant Seed Starter Sponges

Alphatool 100 Pack Eco-Friendly Plant Seed Starter Sponges is a great option for anyone who wants to add organic or chemical-free methods to their landscape or want to practice sustainable gardening.

Growers can use it to grow seedlings and young plants. They can also use it to remove soil from pots. The non-woven material helps you to effectively drain excess water.

This easy-to-use and reusable seed starter is made of 100% cotton sponges that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and reusable. It allows for a safe and germ-free environment for seeds to germinate. The set contains 6 packs of 25 sponges each and can be used in different ways.

The product is made from 100% natural fibers and there are no additives of any kind. They are biodegradable, compostable, and therefore the best option for nature lovers, organic gardeners, and environmentalists. These sponges are best for starting seeds and you can use them up to 7 times in a row.


-Well made for easy handling and use.

-Can be reused for 7 times in a row.

-Suitable for starting seeds


-May not be suitable for transplanting larger plants outdoors

Delxo 10-Pack Seed Starter Kit Seedling Starter Tray

Delxo 10-Pack Seed Starter Kit Seedling Starter Tray is made for those who are looking for a better, smaller starter tray for their seeds. Delxo is known for providing premium quality products at affordable prices. This starter kit includes everything you need to grow microgreens.

It includes deluxe trays, plant pots, grow inserts, and stands. The unique design of this tray enables proper drainage and air circulation for the germination process.

This tray is also ideal for seed starting, propagation, and seedling growing. These deluxe trays are made from high-quality plastic material which makes them long lasting and robust.

This tray is one of the most popular seed starter trays and it is one of the best options for people who are looking for a hassle-free, portable and easy to use seed starter kit. The starter kit includes the tray, a root dynamo with seeds of 6 plants and supports 3, 6 and 9 seeds.


-For small batch starting, propagation and seedling growing.

-This tray is designed to make germination easier.

-There are hole in the base that allows optimal drainage and air circulation.


-Only suitable for small quantities of seeds.

AeroGarden Assorted Italian Herb Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Assorted Italian Herb Seed Pod Kit is a seed starter tray with a pack of 10 herb pods that include Basil, Coriander, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme. It’s a great beginner’s kit for AeroGardens as it comes with everything you need to start your seedlings.

The pods have lids and mesh that keeps insects out and allow good airflow around the pod. The pods are of uniform size, so it’s easier to sow seeds according to the sowing chart and avoid gaps between the pods.

The pods have handles that make it easy to carry when you’re moving your garden around the house. We recommend the kit for small households with smaller gardens. Kit includes two light fixtures and one sensor switch. Large households or those with larger gardens may need to purchase a second kit or multiple kits in order to cover all areas of the garden.


-Great for small households with smaller gardens.

– Good airflow and light conditions.


-Not suitable for households with larger gardens.

Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative Benefits

Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

There are many benefits of using Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative. The first benefit is the proper aeration. The hobby uses a grow sponges which creates air pockets in the soil, which helps improve plant health and root structure.

The alternative also uses a layer of paper on the surface, which adds extra moisture to the roots and increases humidity. The sponge also improves drainage in your soil, which means your plants will have less root rot.

The growing media is also safe for your plants and does not contain any pesticides or fungicides. Other benefits include the ease of use, portability, and affordability.

You can use a regular grow sponges as alternative. You can select any type of material which you like and work with it according to your choice. Another benefit is that you don’t need to buy and store the big sponges.

The perfect air flow will keep your plant roots oxygenated, hence; it will help the plant to grow better. The second benefit is the multiple germination rates. The sponges are free of seeds, so you can use it to germinate plants like spinach, lettuce, and herbs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

How to choose Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative? Here are our things to consider when choosing aerogarden grow sponge alternative:

Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative


The first thing to consider is the types of sponges you are going to use in your AeroGarden. Are you looking for grow food? How much of the plant will you be growing? If you are looking for a small portion, then you can use mini grow sponges.

If you want to grow some greens and herbs, then you can go for the sponges that offer 3-4 cups of soil. There are many other grow options available to choose from, depending on your needs.


Size of one’s space And there is always the question of size; you will have to take care of this aspect. The bigger the area you need to cover, the more sponges you will need.

However, smaller spaces are more efficient and will help you save some money if you are looking for a budget grow system. Start with a small space, and later expand as you need more. However, make sure that the area does not get filled with the roots of the plants.


The next thing to keep in mind is the quality of materials. There are many options out there, and you will have to choose a grow system that can last long and serve you well.

The material you will use is up to you, but it must be something reliable and strong. It should also be something that can support your weight and those of the plants.


The last thing to consider is the cost. A grow tent comes with a price tag, and it will be hard for you to stay within a budget if you need something that is efficient and of high quality. However, if you choose a cheap option, you might end up with something that is not efficient or reliable.

FAQs about Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

Best Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

What is grow sponge?

Grow sponge is a great tool to be used in the propagation process of various plants. Some examples of plants that can be propagated using grow sponges are orchids, begonias, and ferns. There are various types of grow sponges available in the market. You can easily find them on the internet by searching for a particular type.

How can I use the sponge?

You can easily use the sponge by cutting it into a similar size as your planter. Just make sure that you do not use the whole sponge or else, it will be difficult to fit it in your planter.

Is sponge long lasting?

A sponge is very durable to use. Therefore, it is long lasting. You can use it for a longer period of time without buying another one. Just make sure that you clean the sponge regularly so that it will not get moldy and fungus.


Urban Leaf AeroGarden Compatible Sponges is specifically designed for the use with home models and are made to have the best functionality in the AeroGarden model as they’re capable of filtering up to 200 gallons per sq. ft. per day of fine micron particles.

Overall, the best Aerogarden grow sponge alternative is on our list. It is a great option for those looking for an affordable and effective way to keep their Aerogarden clean. You can use this sponge as a replacement to your regular sponges. This device has excellent performance, is easy to clean, and helps to reduce the amount of waste generated.

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