DJ Coffin Review – Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD

Finding a reliable DJ coffin for your DJ accessories can be difficult. You want to find a DJ case that will have good material but also give you a professional look with DJ style. And you know that Odyssey has been in the music business for more than 60 years. The company has a reputation for being a leading manufacturer in this industry, and its products have been tested countless times to ensure high quality. 

If you are looking for an Odyssey DJ coffin, FZGS12CDJWXD is the best option. This case will hold your equipment safely and securely so that you can play it with peace of mind knowing nothing terrible will happen to it. It also includes two removable side panels, which can be used as DJ table tops or just extra space for your other gear! 

However, it is just a couple of things about the Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD DJ coffin. Our review will share all of its features and benefits. For anyone who is wondering if this DJ coffin is suitable or not, read this article below!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dj Coffin

dj coffin

Dj coffin cases are necessary to protect your Dj equipment. You can’t just put your expensive Dj equipment in a bag or other container and hope for the best. This article will help you choose between different materials for DJ coffin cases.


The type of material used for DJs cases should be durable but lightweight so that they are easy to transport from gig to gig without adding too much weight or taking up too much space; typically, steel or aluminum models work best because they don’t rust and they’re strong enough not bend under pressure.

If possible, go for something that is made out of durable aluminum or laminated steel. These materials will be resistant to impact and scratches, which means your product will last longer than others.

The material should be waterproof so that your equipment doesn’t get wet or damaged in any way while traveling with it.


Dj coffin cases are designed to protect your expensive DJ equipment.

The best Dj coffin case should be able to withstand the abuse that is inevitable when you’re on the road and playing gigs in different venues. If it can’t, then you’re going to have a lot of trouble with things like cables getting tangled, damaging your laptop’s screen, or spilling water all over everything.

There should also be enough space inside the case for all of your equipment without having too much room leftover where items can move around during transport which could lead to damage.

For example, if you have a small mixer that is about 10 inches wide, then a large DJ case may not fit it nicely. In this instance, a smaller DJ case would be necessary, as well as an adapter that can attach to the top or bottom of your current mixer in order for it to fit into the smaller space allocated inside, the larger DJ cases. If you have a lot of equipment, such as speakers and mixers with many cables running from them, then they might not all fit without being squished together, which could lead to damage to some of your equipment.

A smaller mixer will require you to purchase a smaller DJ case, and if you have a lot of equipment such as speakers and mixers with many cables running from them, then they might not all fit without being squished together, which could lead to damage on some of your equipment.

Furthermore, Dj cases can be expensive, so smaller Dj cases will cost less.


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Dj cases come in different shapes to fit the needs of every situation and person. Have you considered what shape will work best for your needs?

The most basic type of Dj case is rectangular, which can be placed on its side or upright. This type of Dj case is good for transportation purposes because it’s easy to put into vehicles like cars and trucks that have flat surfaces like truck beds and trunks. It also fits well in tight spaces such as closets and storage units. The downside to this type of Dj case is that because it has no sides, there’s nothing protecting the equipment inside from dust, dirt, or other debris coming up against the equipment. Rectangular cases can be found in three different sizes: full size, midi, and nano. Each of these shapes has different-sized Dj decks depending on the size of the case.

Is It Has Enough Padding Inside The Case Or Not?

Padding is the key to a good DJ coffin case. It needs to be thick enough that your equipment can’t break through it, but not so thick that you have trouble getting in and out of the case. And if there is nowhere for cables or power cords to go inside the case, then they will end up dangling from outside and could get tangled with other cases nearby.

Padding helps protect your gear against scuffs and scratches as well as against falls from heights. The best padding has a stretchable quality, so it doesn’t bunch up when you put things into the bag or take them out again later on. In addition, some padding should be strategically placed at points where sharp objects might otherwise cause damage during transport – such as around the hardware of your turntables, CD players, or mixer.

Does It Have An Enough Strong Handle Or Not?

It’s not hard to find a DJ coffin case online, but before you make your purchase, you should consider the question: Does it has a strong handle or not?

It is true that these cases are designed to protect equipment from damage, and they’re available at every price point imaginable. However, if the handles on your future purchase are flimsy, then it will be difficult for you to carry the case with your gear inside of it around town. This is especially important when considering whether or not this would be a good investment in terms of protecting expensive equipment. It goes without saying that if something happens to fall out while you’re carrying this type of case, then all could be lost!

Presenting the Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin

dj coffin

The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin has a gliding platform for laptops. This small, sleek case accommodates all of your DJ gear and accessories. It features some ball corners to protect its exterior from knocks and bumps. It also has a solid handle making it easy to transport anywhere you want to go, with plenty of room inside for all of your equipment without having too much room leftover where items can move around during transport which could lead to damage.

It also has some ventilation pits and portholes. This Dj case is perfect for people who often travel as it has removable front panels that allow for easy access to your equipment and cable storage. This type of coffin is portable, with rolling wheels that make it easy to transport. It also comes with rubber feet that keep the case from slipping when you set it down.

This model is 12U X 12″ W x 20″ D, so it’s suitable for someone who wants a smaller Dj case but still has quite a bit of equipment that needs to be stored in it.

The case with high-quality material protects the contents inside; this is an essential part for DJ who wants to take their equipment out without worrying about the damage that happens outside. It is a good choice for DJ who likes to perform at different events.


  • This custom case has a gliding platform for laptops.
  • The case is 12U X 12″ W x 20″ D and is suitable for someone who wants a smaller Dj coffin.
  • It also comes with rubber feet that keep the case from slipping.
  • It also has some ventilation pits and portholes.
  • This type of coffin is portable, with rolling wheels that make it easy to transport.


  • Too small for someone with a lot of equipment, insufficient space, and air ventilation in the box.
  • Not enough protection for DJ gear against falls or knocks during handling or transport.

Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin Overview

The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin is a rolling DJ case. It has cable management ports in the bottom and rear of the unit. This will ensure no cables pile up in the front due to cord wrap. The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin also has v-cut front panels that allow DJs inside to take control of their laptop without exposing it to possible damage from gigging.

The mixer and player width of the unit is adjusted by way of foam strips that can accommodate 12″ mixers or CD players. This product has a handle on the lid for easy transport, one front latch to keep it closed, black steel ball corners which prevent dings in transit for added protection. It is made of 3/8″ plywood for protection of the equipment inside and has a gliding platform for the laptop with a non-slip rubber surface for easy transport, so no sliding or scratching your laptop during the transport; these are just some of the features of the Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin.

The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin is good because it prevents your laptop from being scratched or damaged from being transported. Also, the mixer width is adjustable for different types of gear. It also has rubber feet on all four corners, so when you place your gear in the DJ Coffin, they will be able to stand on the bottom without moving around. For its price, the Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin is one of the best units on the market today.

Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD Dj Coffin Features & Benefits

Has A Gliding Place For Laptop

dj coffin

In a Dj Coffin case, you can find a laptop gliding place. The design is perfect for people who are always on the go and want to take their laptops with them. There are many benefits to using a Dj Coffin that includes not having to worry about your laptop getting damaged while you’re busy doing other activities. Another benefit is that the Dj Coffin won’t scratch or scuff your laptop because it has a soft felt lining on the bottom, and there’s not an inch of wasted space anywhere in its design.

Features A Black Steel Ball Corners

This Dj Coffin Case features ball corners. The ball corners of the Dj Coffin Case are black steel, and the lining is made from velvet, which makes it one of the most popular cases on the market today. It also features black steel ball corners for extra stability. The special features make it easier to keep the equipment safe and secure while still being easily accessible to play.

The 3/8″ Plywood Construction

The 3/8″ plywood construction is a type of Dj Coffin case that is usually made from one piece of plywood. This type of case is usually used to hold and transport audio equipment such as amplifiers, keyboards, guitars, drums, and speakers. The height for this type of construction varies with the length of the material that is used. This construction weighs about 50 pounds when empty and can weigh up to 110 pounds with equipment inside it.

Some advantages of using this type of Dj Coffin case are that it provides an easy storage solution for all types of equipment, and it has enough room for large equipment like drum kits or keyboard stands. A disadvantage of the 3/8 plywood construction is that the case will only last as long as the materials it is made from. Additional features include a 3/8 inch plywood construction and metal corners to resist dents.

There Is Wire Management In The Form Of Cables

dj coffin

If you need a heavy-duty coffin for your speakers, the Dj Coffin case has got you covered. They have a unique design with plenty of space for all your needs. The nicest quality about this coffin is that it allows you to use the handles as a way to carry your equipment at the same time as being able to store them neatly inside. You can also put one or more panels on the top of the coffin where you can store other accessories such as wires and microphones.

The Dj Coffin case leaves you feeling confident that your cables will not be in a mess when it is time to take them out. According to Dj Coffin, this case is designed to make the setup of your equipment easier and more organized. It has removable front panels for wires and other equipment.

Roller Wheels Allow You To Roll It Around With Ease

The Dj Coffin Case is a product that is used to transport DJ equipment. It is a protective carrying case for DJs with wheels at the bottom. One of the most beneficial aspects of these cases is they can be carried in any direction without having to worry about anything getting damaged.

It also has a large volume, meaning you can carry lots of stuff in it. The material it’s made out of is strong, so it won’t break easily. This product would be best suited for someone who takes their equipment on the road.

Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD DJ Coffin Alternatives

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series DJ Controller Road Case

The features I like about this case are that it has a patented sliding laptop platform. The Patented DJ sliding platform has been designed to only allow the laptop to slide backward and forwards, preventing it from tilting or rotating. The case also features interior padding made with ultra-soft foam, which is going to provide protection for whatever equipment is inside of it.

The handles themselves are covered with rubber to provide grip when carrying the case. The hinges and corners of the case seem very strong and durable. It has four heavy-duty casters on the back, which allow you to move your case around with ease, even when it is fully loaded. I would recommend it to any DJ wanting a good quality case for their controller.

  • Constructed from durable materials
  • Padded interior lining for a good standard of protection
  • Four heavy-duty casters

Harmony HC2T1272WLT DJ Battle Coffin

It is a product that would be able to protect your turntable and mixer. It is very difficult to find the best product on the market for this purpose. The best feature of this product is how strong it feels, which tells me it will last long. The handles are also nice because they make it easier to transport things. The handles are easy on the hands when moving it around, and the carpeted inside has plenty of room for storage.

It has everything that you need, including space for your laptop on the top. The foam-lined interior makes it easier on delicate equipment, while there are also conveniently placed holes in each compartment for wiring. The dimensions are perfect. The price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a good turntable case/battle mixer box.

  • Strong & Durable
  • Handles make it easier to transport
  • The carpets make storing equipment easy
  • Conveniently placed holes for wiring
  • Dimensions are perfect

ProX LED Flight Case

The ProX case is incredibly sturdy and durable, as well as solidly built. The interior has a very smart design with a shelf for laptops (fits up to 15″), plenty of storage spaces for cables and small accessories, as well as a removable front panel. This is fantastic because it allows easy access to the front inputs without having to open the entire case up every time you need something plugged in or unplugged.

The case comes with a set of great quality steel recessed handles as well as sturdy and high-quality wheels, so it’s very easy to transport. It also comes equipped with removable soft rubber feet so the case can stand alone on any surface without scratching or marring up your desk or floor. Lastly, it has a pair of recessed steel latches for secure closure.

The case is well-stocked with other features, too. It has a small LED light that I like to use while I’m working at night (it’s bright enough without being obnoxious or interfering with your eyesight). Also, you can remove the front panel, and it’s easy to access your headphone jack as well as your input jacks. It’s also nice because there is storage space below the unit and in the back of the unit. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a durable, spacious, and tough case that’s going to keep their DJ controller safe no matter what.

  • The ProX case is incredibly sturdy and durable, as well as solidly built
  • The interior has a very smart design with plenty of storage spaces for cables and small accessories
  • The case comes with a set of great quality steel recessed handles
  • It also comes equipped with removable soft rubber feet


The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD DJ coffin is the perfect solution for any avid fan of music. This product has a sleek, modern design that will make it stand out in your home or office. The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD DJ coffin also comes with a fantastic built-in interior system and removable front panels so you can connect to all of your favorite devices without wires! 

If you love performing quality tunes while relaxing at home or at the event, then this product is right up your alley. The Odyssey FZGS12CDJWXD DJ coffin is a great product, and we recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, durable DJ coffin. 

Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below. We are always happy to answer all of your questions.

Last but not least, follow our website for more helpful information!

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