Top 15 Best Dry Fire Lasers For Pistol Shooting

When someone is learning how to shoot a gun, they usually start out with an airsoft pistol.  However, if you’re looking for something with more of a kick and live ammunition, then it’s time to graduate up to the real thing: dry fire lasers.  Some kinds of best dry fire lasers are exactly what they sound like – guns that can be used for practicing shooting without actually firing any rounds. 

However, there are many dry fire lasers on the market, but not all of them are worth buying. Some models work well for outdoor shooting, while others will only be effective in indoor ranges.  All laser pointers use batteries, and some models last longer than others before needing to be recharged or swapped out with a new battery pack.  

One thing that can help you find the best model for your needs is online customer reviews. There’s no better way to learn about what works and what doesn’t work than taking an honest look at how people who have bought these products feel about their purchase after they’ve used it for a while. So take a few minutes, read through this article, see which ones make you want to buy your own, and compare them against each other.

There are also a few more great dry fire lasers recommended by many customers, and you can consider finding your own interest.

Best Dry Fire Laser Reviews 2022

LaserLyte Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target

The LaserLyte Quick Tyme Target is a shooting target for an indoor training pistol. It can also be used with a real gun, but you need to have your own laser if that is the case. 

Besides, the included laser trainer pistol only fires a red laser that is 5mW and Class 3A visible, meaning it’s one of the highest laser powers allowed by law. This means that the target can suit both beginners and experts, as it has a low power option, as well as a high power option for those who want to train more intensely. The design mimics those of other guns at their weight, trigger pull, and practicality for those who want to improve their technique or speed. 

One of my favorite features of this product is how realistic the drawing of the target on the paper is. The lasers can be traced easily using a laser pointer, and it’s also possible to train with an actual gun. What I also like about this product is how it comes with a built-in shot timer. All you have to do is place your own laser in front of the target from a distance greater than 5m, and it will record where your shots hit precisely. 

I have been searching for a way to help improve my trigger control, and there are a few things I’ve found that work. One of the most effective ways is using a laser trainer pistol. LaserLyte has put out a really good one that I’ve been trying out. This trainer is affordable, easy to use, and durable. From the weight of the trigger to the way it shoots, this pistol mimics an actual full-size handgun. Best of all, you can train indoors without any live ammunition! 


  • You can use it for targeting indoors without live ammunition
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Best design of any laser trainer pistol 


  • It’s a toy, so you have to shoot from 3ft away from the target

Laser Ammo Training Technologies LaserPET II + SureStrike 9mm Training Laser

There are a lot of supplies that you need for practicing with your firearm. Generally, the most important things you need are a gun, ammunition, and a reactive target to shoot at. In the past, these two things have been hard to come by, so people have been forced to dry fire their weapons during training. Now thanks to Laser Ammo training technologies, we have an excellent laser dry fire system that is both portable and affordable. Best of all, it’s a real 9mm Surestrike Training Laser!

We would recommend this product for any person who wants to train with more realistic targets and learn how to properly draw from storage as well as practice accuracy skills on the move. This is a great item for anyone who is going into military or law enforcement, and it’s also a great investment for self-defense training. Lastly, this is the only dry fire laser we’ve found that actually functions like a real handgun and has interchangeable back caps, so you can use your own calibers on the system.


  • Best dry fire laser 
  • Portable 
  • Affordable 


  • It may not be an authentic experience for anyone looking to practice in a more realistic manner.

LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit

LASERHIT Dry Fire Training Kit is a cutting-edge computer vision and augmented reality training system that lets you train anytime, anywhere with dry fire shooting or regular live fire. The laser module fits into just about any type of gun that fires 9mm ammunition, and the accompanying app provides all the target cards you need to practice your marksmanship skills. With over 100 different drills, there’s something for everyone. 

This kit is a perfect way for people to truly get the most out of their practice time. It provides a tablet screen that shows where your bullets are going and what would happen if you were shooting from real life. This allows the user to see what it would look like if they were actually shooting in an actual live fire situation. Best of all, this practice is done at home without bothering anyone else. Also, there are all kinds of realistic feedback features, like sound effects and bullet holes on the screen when you fire your gun! 


  • Best way to train for a dry fire or live fire situation
  • Great, affordable price
  • Tablet screen shows where bullets are going and what would happen if you were shooting from real life


  • It doesn’t work with any gun not chambered for 9mm ammunition

Strikeman Laser Cartridge Training Kit

I have been looking for a good dry fire laser for some time now, and I think I have finally found one. Strikeman Laser Cartridge Training Kit is a great option as it has an array of different features that make it worth the money. 

One of my favorite features is that you can practice at home, where ever you have a space to shoot, with the product. Strikeman Cartridge Training Kit also makes it possible for you to pick the size of the cartridge so that it will fit your needs. 

Furthermore, it has a free app. This app lets you save all of your sessions and watch them to see your accuracy improve over time. Also, this app is available on both Apple and Android products!

I highly recommend this for anyone considering it. It’s not only fun to use, but it also helps you to improve your accuracy. You can save money on ammo, and you don’t have to go to the range. Best of all, it allows you to practice indoors! 


  • Awesome for home use
  • Makes practicing easy 
  • The free app is available for Apple and Android products 


  • You can’t go to the range with this 

LaserLyte LT-PRE Universal Laser Trainer

The LaserLyte LT-PRE is a great holster-free option for dry fire training with an EDC or CCW handgun. The laser trainer fits all handguns, but it includes adapters for our most popular calibers. It comes with a dedicated 9mm adapter, for instance, that mounts into the barrel. A lightweight 5mw peak red laser is securely cradled in the adapter and provides impressive visibility at up to 50 yards away. 

Simply insert the LT-PRE into your barrel like you would a dummy round and aim at the target to see if your shot pattern is on point. If it’s not, adjust your elevation and windage to make adjustments before you put another round downrange. Additionally, depending on your excitement level, you can use it as a trigger training tool. The LT-PRE comes with an integrated button that allows you to activate the laser whenever you’re ready to practice, but it’s also sound-activated. This means that every time your firearm echoes off of an object in your home or dry fire area, the laser will automatically turn on.

Furthermore, the price point makes it easy for any shooter to justify adding it to their training regimen. Besides, you don’t have to worry about batteries or carrying around an extra laser pointer if your primary training weapon gets damaged. With some practice, you can use it to improve your trigger control but also test the accuracy of your shot patterns.


  • High quality
  • The best price point for a dry fire device in this category
  • Up to 50 yards distance visibility


  • None

G-Sight ELMS Plus Dry Fire Cartridge

G-Sight ELMS Plus Dry Fire Cartridge is the best dry fire laser for Pistol Shooting. The G-Sight ELMS Plus Dry Fire Cartridge is a state-of-the-art and patented design that provides superior accuracy and durability to other lasers in its class, making it one of the best dry fire trainers. 

It includes a free companion app that allows you to track your shots, improve your shooting skills, and have fun. In addition, it’s 100% guaranteed to fit any gun with patent-pending “Shoot for Life” replaceable strike pads and three o-ring systems.

The only downside is the high price tag on this product. It does not come with batteries or a carry case, which can be purchased separately for an additional fee. Overall, G-Sight ELMS Plus Dry Fire Laser Cartridge is worth the investment if you are looking for something that will last long and has great accuracy.


  • Best accuracy and durability
  • State of the art and patented design for superior precision
  • Includes a free companion app that allows you to track your shots, improve your shooting skills, and have fun
  • 100% guaranteed to fit any gun with patent-pending “Shoot for Life” replaceable strike pads and three o-ring system


  • It’s a little bit pricey

LaserLyte Laser Trainer Cartridge

The LaserLyte Laser Trainer Cartridge is a great dry fire laser for the price range. This is a red laser cartridge that allows for quick and accurate sensing of where the bullet will be going. A laser training cartridge can be used for dry firing, sighting in, and general firearm practice. It also has an easy-to-use design that can be taken out of the firearm just as a standard one. It can fit into all 22 caliber weapons and is used with Laserlyte targets. 

The LaserLyte Laser Trainer Cartridge is a device that attaches to the chamber of an empty rifle or pistol and provides a visible laser when the firing pin is engaged. The surface of this product is made from durable, rugged nylon. It also features a rubber plug on one end for protection when not in use. Low power consumption ensures that batteries will last a long time.


  • Best dry fire laser for the price range
  • Low power consumption ensures batteries last a long time
  • Excellent tool to make sure bullet is going where desired


  • Reaching up into the chamber can be difficult at times

Pink Rhino – 9mm Laser Bullet

The Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge is compatible with all visible laser targets, including the Optotronics Tactical Trainer, MantisX, LaserLyte, iTarget, G-Sight, LaserHit, and more. The cartridge can be installed on any 9mm pistol. It is also possible to use the cartridge with a simulator system. This would make it easier to train using your gun or with someone else’s. 

Furthermore, the cartridge activates when the trigger is pulled, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored by practicing over and over again without being able to see if you’re getting better or not. Best of all is that the Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge comes with 3 LR626 alkaline batteries so that you can start training right away.

Last but not least, the price is quite reasonable, and the design is sleek and compact. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a laser cartridge for their pistol shooting practice. 


  • Compatible with visible laser targets and simulators 
  • Activates when the trigger is pulled 
  • Best for pistol training
  • Battery included 


  • Bullet shape is not ideal

G-Sight TBS2-38 38 Special Training Laser Cartridge

There is no other way to improve your skills in shooting other than going out and firing a live round. This can be problematic for people who live in areas where this is not legal. This is the reason the G-Sight TBS2-38 38 Special Training Laser Cartridge is perfect for them. It was created for pistol shooters! 

Best yet, it doesn’t shoot any bullets or anything harmful. With this Dry Fire Laser, you can still fire your firearm and quickly see if you did a good job with trigger control and sight alignment. It’s a panic button that fires a bright red Class 3A (<5mW) laser flashes when the firing pin hits the built-in rubber protective snap cap. Lastly, you don’t have to go out and buy anything. You can use this training tool right with your firearm.


  • Best training tool for people who don’t like to go out and fire live rounds
  • The key component of this Dry Fire Laser is the two O-rings that can be removed if sizing issues arise. 
  • You are not limited to the customizable features your cartridge posses
  • Practice chambering, racking, tapping, and malfunction drills with ease


  • Requires iOS 10.0 / Android 6.0 or newer

Votatu LC-9 9mm Laser Training Cartridge

Recent developments in the training world have been investing heavily in giving feedback to users. Votatu’s latest invention, the LC-9 9mm Laser Training Cartridge, is a perfect example of this. The Votatu LC-9 9mm Laser Training Cartridge is a great training tool for those who want to train at home without having to go to a shooting range. It can be used on a dry fire range, and it has visible and rapid feedback, allowing you to have more efficient drills. This will make the training drills more fun as well as more productive. 

It can be used indoors or out to give you a chance to practice perishable fundamentals. It also works compatibly with most training apps, so you can easily watch yourself improve on the go. The only drawback is that it is expensive, but you get what you pay for, and it’s a great piece of equipment.


  • The Votatu Laser Training Cartridge offers high quality and precision.
  • This handle fits in a 9mm caliber gun and can be seen up to 100 meters away.
  • It is a smaller version of the real deal, so it works well with handle grips and holsters.


  • Some users will prefer the challenge of using actual ammo

CheapShot Tactical Training Laser

I received the CheapShot Tactical Training Laser Cartridge and am very pleased with it. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a laser for training purposes. It is extremely easy to assemble, requiring only an Allen wrench included in the packaging along with instructions on how to assemble and how to use the laser cartridge. They removed the rim on the cartridge to make it easier for you to rack your slide and don’t have to replace it each time. The snap cap stays in place very securely during training sessions in order to prevent any potential damage to the firearm. 

This product is perfect if you’re looking to save money and still get quality results while practicing trigger control and aiming. This is a decent quality target that can be used multiple times and doesn’t require the use of adhesive. Although I have only used it sporadically, so far, this CheapShot Tactical Training Laser Cartridge has been great. It really helps with sight alignment and trigger pull.


  • The best deal we found for dry fire lasers with a smaller price tag 
  • Easy to use and can be reused (snap cap)
  • One year warranty
  • Best for home/classroom training 


  • It can only be used with guns, not rifles

iDryfire .40 S&W Dry Fire Training Cartridge

The iDryFire .40 S&W Dry Fire Training Cartridge can improve your trigger control during dry fire practice due to the laser. There are a few more features that the .40 S&W Laser Cartridge provides for shooters, some of which are listed below. 

The first is the fact that this is a dry fire practicing cartridge, meaning it does not produce any type of flame or projectile. This makes it one of the best options out there for people who are looking for some target practice on their own. These can be practiced with all laser targets available, making them versatile as well as convenient to use. Shooters are also able to have up to 1,000 shots before they need to replace the cartridge.

One last thing worth mentioning is that this comes with a lifetime warranty. This means if something happens with the product whatsoever, you will get your money back. The warranty does not need to be registered so that you will have immediate access to it.


  • The best dry fire laser 
  • Good quality
  • Convenient, easy to use


  • Requires a target

ARKSight 9mm Dry Fire Training Cartridge

This product is excellent for beginners who want to practice their shooting skills at home but don’t have access to a gun range or other specialized equipment. It’s also an excellent tool for those who want to improve their shooting skills by practicing essential trigger control and sighting techniques without wasting ammo on an actual gun range or other specialized equipment that costs money.

The brass material ensures that this device will not be damaged by the firing pin of handguns or rifles. It is top quality material, which makes it resistant to corrosion thanks to two O-rings. 

I highly recommend this dry fire training cartridge to anyone who wants to improve their shooting skills safely and affordably. It doesn’t require any expensive rounds of ammunition because it has a snap cap that, when fired, will only release gas, not bullets. 


  • Promote the new hands-free shooting
  • Improve accuracy and precision of shooting skills.
  • Train your hand grip to make sure it is in control, so you can avoid having recoil knocking the pistol out of your hand.


  • Will not ignite any firearms such as BB guns or paintball guns (many dry fire lasers do) 

MidTen 9mm Bore Sight

This is a high-quality boresight. MidTen 9mm Bore Sight is a high-accuracy laser bore sight for the 9mm chamber. It features high-grade brass construction, which makes it sturdy enough to withstand the recoil of a gun. Its usage is easy, with no assembly required.

The laser pointer offers a small laser power for more precise alignment without any risk of eye damage. One set of three AG3 batteries are included and doesn’t need to be replaced for one and half hours of continuous use. Due to its extensive range and very high accuracy, you will save more battery and cartridges when using this product. Best 9mm Bore Sight Laser Red at this moment on the market!


  • Sturdy
  • The laser pointer offers low power for precise alignment without any risk of eye damage.
  • Batteries are included and don’t need to be replaced for one and half hours of continuous use


  • None

Feyachi Bore Sight 9mm Red Laser

I hope this review has helped you when it comes to choosing a red laser for your pistol. For me, Feyachi Bore Sight 9mm Red Laser was the best choice because of the features below.

The Feyachi Bore Sight 9mm Red Laser is the perfect thing for me to use in my pistol shooting. It offers me a complete range of features that make shooting more accurate and enjoyable. The laser is bright, vibrant, and visible in most environments, making it easy to find when you need it most. Best of all, it’s easy to operate, which makes sighting down your gun extremely quick and straightforward. 

The Feyachi Bore Sight 9mm Red Laser is an excellent product. This laser bore sight fits the 9mm chamber, caliber specific. The laser bore sighter lasts up to an hour per set of batteries. Just turn the end cap on or off to activate or deactivate your laser! 


  • Best laser bore sighter for pistol shooting, in my opinion
  • Long-lasting batteries that last up to an hour which makes the fast gun zeroing and sighting a breeze
  • Bright, vibrant, and visible laser in many environments, which makes this product easy to find when you need it most
  • Easy activation or deactivation through the end cap on the device – just turn it on or off


  • None

FAQs about Best Dry Fire Laser

Best Dry Fire Laser

Q: What is the dry fire laser for pistol shooting? 

The dry fire laser is a type of training device used to practice firearm shooting indoors without the risk of shots fired or spent ammunition. A dry firing device will fire an invisible beam that reflects off a surface and provides feedback as though the shot was made on target for more realistic training. They can be found as standalone devices, as attachments for pistols such as drills, and even for shotguns.

Dry firing is extremely useful because it’s practical to do so inside your own home with no wear and tear on your firearm or anything else. Dry firing makes perfecting all aspects of trigger control possible without repeatedly wearing out barrels and bullet casings over time, which saves ammo and money in general! 

Q: What are the benefits of dry fire lasers?

Dry fire lasers are the newest technology for firing guns without live ammunition. There are several benefits to using dry firing with a dry fire laser: saving money on ammo, improving accuracy, and improving draw timing. These models don’t produce any light or noise that might disturb neighbors or teammates. Moreover, they’re affordable!

Q: What type of laser is used in a dry fire laser for pistol shooting?

Best Dry Fire Laser

There are two types of lasers that come with most dry fire kits: green and red lasers. 

The green laser is the more common type and was developed for metering purposes. It emits a beam (532nm wavelength) that is seen by the human eye as green. The main advantage of the green laser is that it projects a high visibility dot onto any surface within its range (up to 50 feet). It is visible to the eye in daylight conditions and even reasonably well in low light conditions. 

The main advantage of the red laser is that it projects a small beam not visible to the eye and is very difficult for anyone within its range to get hit unless you point directly at them. However, they can see its dot on any surface, which allows them to detect where the beam has come from even though they don’t see the beam itself.

Green lasers are more expensive but cheaper when compared to red lasers. Green laser light is brighter than that of the red laser. The green lasers are visible up to 100 yards, while the red lasers can be seen at half this distance or less.

Q: Do dry fire lasers come in different colors than just red and green?

Best Dry Fire Laser

Dry fire lasers for pistol shooting may be available in a variety of colors, but many of these are sold with laserlyte-specific targets.

Many manufacturers offer red and green dry fire pistols, as well as multiple color options which can be customized to reflect their user’s preferences. Usually, red and green can be easier to see in the bright space and environment.

Q: Can dry fire lasers for pistol shooting be used for rifle shooting too?

Absolutely! Best of all, dry fire lasers for pistol shooting can be used for rifle shooting too.

The use of a dry fire laser system is always more than just having fun with practicing your aim and speed on the range where you shoot weapons. A dry fire laser can add to your learning experience in learning more about how to properly use your gun and also helping you increase the speed at which it becomes second nature. So while this might not bring you directly into rifle shooting, it will still give you a lot of vital information that can help make progress in that area of firing weapons smoother and more manageable when taking the leap from handguns to rifles.


If you’re looking for a dry fire laser to use in your pistol shooting, it’s crucial that you find one that is bright and vibrant. All the products we have recommended in the top 15 best dry fire lasers have these features and more! These products offer excellent performance, making this the perfect choice for anyone who wants a durable tool to help them improve their accuracy when using a gun. Stop wasting time at the range without any improvement – invest in an affordable dry fire laser today!

If you have any questions about the top 15 best dry fire lasers, don’t hesitate to ask below. We are always happy to answer all your questions.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow this website to be updated with more helpful information.

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