Top 10 Mouse Jiggler Alternatives Without Software

Mouse jiggler is software that is used to minimize computer mouse movement and prevent snoozing (do you click one of the three dots in the corner of your screen to make your current webpage reload? ). If there is software available on the market to stop this unwanted computer behavior, why do some people use free alternatives? 

Here are the top 5 mouse jiggler alternatives. This list is for general use and does not address the specific use case of minimizing movement. While I have tried most of these alternatives and found them to be effective at reducing motion, please make sure you download them from a trusted source.

Mouse Jiggler Alternative Reviews 2022

HONKID Undetectable Mouse Mover Jiggler

I used to have a computer mouse that has been constantly getting stuck, and I tried everything I could to fix it. I found this product after doing some research on Google. I bought it since the reviews were fantastic. It arrived in two days, and I couldn’t wait to try it. The computer mouse jiggler is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer. 

The mouse makes your computer awake and keeps it from resting, ensuring that you never go without internet connectivity. This gadget was quite useful for concealing my mouse movements. With wireless mice, this has a 100% rate of success. The best part is that it is battery-free for use with either optical or normal mice.

The mouse mover is indeed the ideal present for anyone who struggles to keep track of the mouse. The mover’s magnetic ball allows you to move it away from the computer or other difficult-to-reach areas to help you maintain track of it. This was ordered, and the service is great. Everything was delivered on time and in fantastic shape. 

I looked all over the internet for the greatest deal on these devices, and it was the best possible deal. This is a fantastic deal on a fantastic product.


  • A great way to fix a computer mouse that is constantly getting stuck.
  • Arrived quickly and was easy to use.
  • A great product for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer.


  • The range of motion is limited.

Original U.S. Made Mouse Mover/Jiggler

No products found.

There are two versions of the Mouse Mover: regular and pro. From 30 reviews, the regular version has received an average score of 3.8 out of five stars. The mouse mover was my personal favorite. It is the most effective mouse mover I had tried, and it is also the safest. It is long-lasting and has a straightforward design.

However, I do not recommend the pro version. The size of the balls is too small and it also includes some flimsy plastic bands that may break. Overall, the mouse mover is a great option. You can use it for as long as you need and then toss it in the trash. The mover will not bother you, and you can use it to safely move the mouse.


  • An effective mouse mover.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Has a straightforward design.
  • Safe.
  • Is my personal favorite.


  • It’s still a smidgeon too loud.

Tech8 USA, Undetectable Mouse Mover

This mouse mover was purchased for my two children. The computer’s wireless optical mouse may become disabled. Their computer was prepared to go and their cordless mouse can move freely again after merely placing the mouse on the cordless mouse mover and turning on the computer.

This mouse trimmer is an excellent method to tidy up computer/desktop space with common household items. The trimmer is tiny enough to fit under many desktops while still providing enough surface area for a conventional mouse to operate. 

They’ve also provided this with an Optical Mouse Sensor as well as an individually-programmable function within the software’s menu options, which may let the mouse behave like every generic mouse, in case you have to make sure your laptop software will work with it.


  • This mouse mover was purchased to prevent the computer’s wireless optical mouse from becoming disabled.
  • The cordless mouse can move freely again after placing the mouse on the cordless mouse mover and turning on the computer.


  • Since I first tried this device, I discovered that it barely moved the mouse a small amount of the time, if at all.

PEIOUS Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is the most effective productivity tool available. This mouse is essential for anyone wary of mice sneaking out of the way while functioning at the laptop and wants to feel comfortable stepping up away from the keyboards to search for something. On a laptop, this Wireless Mouse performs admirably. 

The buttons are easy to press, as well as the mouse is itself slim and light. I like that the keys don’t get stuck and that I can continue to use them without fighting them. This cordless mouse with a jiggler is ideal for anyone who wishes to move the mouse without having to constantly place their hand on it. 

It features two buttons (right and left click) and a 3ft cord in a really comfortable design. The finished result is quite great. It performs admirably. I like how it includes a no-hassle 90-day warranty since I’m confident it won’t break! The mouse is functional, and the quality is excellent. The wireless functionality is excellent, as is the space-saving design.

This mouse is really pleasant to use, and the scroll wheel incorporates a thumb-operated button that makes it easy to locate and click on your mouse.


  • Wireless mice are more effective than regular mice because they don’t require a cord to be plugged in, which means you can move around more freely.
  • They’re also essential for anyone worried about their mouse sneaking out of the way while they’re working on their laptop.


  • It’s just a tad too tiny.

Cloudeck Mouse Jiggler

The Cloudeck mouse jiggler keeps your computer against crashing in a fun and practical way. This mouse jiggler is divided into 2 parts: a mouse, which may be used as both a mouse and a jiggler. The Cloudeck mouse jiggler keeps your computer against crashing in a fun and practical way. 

This mouse jiggler is divided into 2 parts: a mouse, which may be used as both a mouse and a jiggler. Among the most useful presents, you can send to gamers is this. This mouse jiggler has worked well for me in the past. It’s a gizmo that can assist you to quit doing the same thing over and over when playing video games.

The mouse pad covered in this article is a great option for individuals looking for a mouse pad that can be used for a range of tasks. Because of its lightweight and non-slip surface, this item is suitable for usage in a computer or notebook.


  • It is a fun and practical way to keep your computer from crashing.
  • The mouse can be used as both a mouse and a jiggler.
  • It is a great way to keep your computer safe.


  • It occasionally drifts away from the screen.

Wireless Mouse, Mouse Jiggler

This is a one-of-a-kind product that has me a little infatuated with it. Although I am not a fan of this kind of device in general, the mouse jiggler/dancing mouse truly works. To get over the limits of a mouse pad, this mouse uses its incredibly random spinning. It can be used instead of PPC pedals, which many artists prefer to utilize when performing live.

Everyone needs a nice mouse, and this one is a great, low-cost option for the big brands. It has a beautiful look and only has one mouse receiver. This wireless mouse is ideal for people who require a small, lightweight mouse that does not obstruct their work or leave a cluttered workspace. 

The extra-large battery compartment enables a quick and easy battery swap. This is an excellent mouse that meets all of my requirements. I wouldn’t have to bother with wires or batteries because it’s wireless. I like how simple it is to operate, and I can feel the laser in my hand.


  • This is a one-of-a-kind product that has me a little infatuated with it.
  • To get over the limits of a mouse pad, this mouse uses its incredibly random spinning.


  • N/A

Mini Mouse Jiggler

This device is a new sort of mouse, which protects your hands, particularly when gaming or viewing a movie. The mouse scurries around wildly during the game, ends up losing your concentration and focus. 

The undetectable program in this little mouse jiggler’s objective is to enable it to operate unnoticed as a mouse on the computer while in use, and to be free of any security risks generated by the computer’s IT software. The mouse jiggler toy is unique in that it is constructed of aluminum alloy, which is more complex and durable than plastic. 

“Short press” the “on/off/modes” switching button to turn on in between “slight jiggler style” and “normal jiggler mode.” This little mouse jiggler requires no software or programs to operate; simply plug it into a computer’s USB port, “Short Press” its “switch button” and turn it on and swap between the two jiggler modes, and “Long Press” for turn it off.

It’s a great alternative to a standard mouse because it disables the mouse and prevents the mouse from floating on the screen. The mouse vibrates two or three times each second to do this.


  • Great for people who have a hard time using a traditional mouse because it protects your hands.
  • Perfect for gamers and movie watchers because it scurries around wildly and keeps you entertained.
  • Great for people who want to stay focused while they are gaming or watching a movie.


  • The very first time I disconnected it, the metal clasp on the USB broke loose.

Mouse Jiggler Mouse Mover Wiggler

This mouse jiggler is ideal for several users in a business setting who need to move their cursor fast during presentations. I had it for a team meeting, and everyone was blown away by how it worked without our instruction. The mouse mover is an invaluable method for any user who works from home frequently. 

To replicate mouse movement, the two huge wriggling heads, as well as the vertical oscillating heads all, move sideways and back and forth. Not only is this mouse holder, Wiggler Magic Wand, ideal for maintaining a mouse on a table, but it also works well for holding a paperclip, pen, or another small object while working at your desk or in a meeting.


  • The mouse jiggler is ideal for several users in a business setting who need to move their cursor fast during presentations.
  • I had it for a team meeting, and everyone was blown away by how it worked without our instruction.
  • The mouse mover is an invaluable method for any user who works from home frequently.


  • It’s certainly not “undetectable.”

Mouse Jiggler Undetectable NO Software Required

To look stylish, the mini mouse jiggler is relatively compact, and it does exactly what is needed to do. It’s easy to pick up and place at an angle to use as a mouse. This mouse is unlike any other gaming mouse on the market. When your computer or laptop is turned on, the mouse will move at random. 

The motion is so minute that you will only notice it if you are completely focused on your work. This mouse cleaner was purchased to remove germs and dust from my mouse and keyboard. It performs admirably and is both easy and quiet to use. The mouse is also very quiet. 

It only needs to spin a few degrees for my computer to notice the movement, and then it will simply spin by itself.


  • The mini mouse jiggler is a stylish and compact mouse that is easy to use.
  • It is unlike any other gaming mouse on the market.
  • When your computer or laptop is turned on, the mouse will move at random.


  • There are a lot of shortcuts and right-click functions that this jiggler makes extremely difficult.

Generic Mouse Jiggler

MP3 jiggler and bootable media player in one. Perfect for social networking addicts or showing off a great MP3 or video file to your buddies. The jiggler is simple to use; simply launch that and it will jiggle for like a while as you want it to. This mouse jiggler is fantastic! 

It’s best to work on my computer while standing. When my computer is idle, I keep this in my pocket or gym backpack and use it. It’s great for laptops or tablets where the screen is not suitable for drawing. You can use this anywhere your laptop doesn’t fit, like at a social gathering, club, or even at the gym.


  • MP3 jiggler and bootable media player in one
  • Perfect for social networking addicts or showing off a great MP3 or video file to your buddies
  • The jiggler is simple to use; simply launch that and it will jiggle for as a while as you want it to


  • N/A

Mouse Jiggler Alternative Benefits

There are several professional coaching service providers like AMA Pro-Mover. Using a mouse jiggler can be a great way to make your coach as effective as possible. Here’s some information about how you can use mouse jiggler effectively without getting on the nerves of your clients.

Some of the benefits you can get from a mouse jiggler are: Getting rid of that bad habit. Avoid thumb cramps, releasing the trigger finger and other various hand muscle strains. Training at different speeds and angles. Performance on uneven surfaces, since the mouse has no friction. Strengthening weaker muscles in the hand.

Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Nerve damage caused by using a mouse for too long could be reversed with jiggler training. The trainer can adjust the speed of the mouse’s movement to suit your needs. There are several types of jigglers, which you can find below:

Robotic Mouse Jigglers

This jiggler is designed with a motor, which can be started at different speeds to suit your needs. There are two adjustment levers on the bottom of the unit, one controls the drive speed of the mouse, and the other – the one that is next to it – sets the jiggler’s up position. The diameter of the head is also adjustable and can be set between 6 and 12 inches. 

One of the best things about this device is that it can be used on all different types of surfaces, such as hardwood floors, linoleum, tiled flooring, and carpeted surfaces. The jiggler works by attracting a little bit of the surface underneath it to the mouse, keeping it in its place.

Jigglers Use Magnets

The second type of jigglers is those that use magnets. This device consists of a tripod-like structure with a magnet that has been attached to the top of it. Two magnets are enough to control the rotation of the roller and a third one attracts the mouse, keeping it in its place. 

This jiggler is very easy to install, as it requires no more than attaching the tripod base to the surface. It is especially suitable for use in a living room because the mouse can move freely around it. However, it is not recommended for use on carpeted floors as the weight of the roller can cause damage to the underlay.

Jigglers Use Laser Or Light Reflectors

The third type of jigglers is those that use laser or light reflectors. The first type uses a transparent ball with copper wire inside it. As the mouse moves, the ball oscillates back and forth in a way that reflects light or laser beams. This type is very simple to use as it does not require any installation but only a ball with copper wire and light beams. 

Mouse Jiggler Alternative

The second type, which uses a translucent sphere and ultraviolet light, requires the help of an electrical engineer who may have to install a special device.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Mouse jiggler is a free tool that shows system activity on the computer screen. The program got several good reviews, but it requires an active Internet connection and no doubt consumes a lot of system resources. So are there any good alternatives to mouse jiggler? Let’s take a look at them.


The first factor is the type of activity that mouse jiggler displays. Mouse jiggler displays all activity, including system processes, media players, and other applications. Mouse Jiggler’s display can take up a considerable amount of desktop space, making it unsuitable for some users. 

There are also several mouse jiggler alternatives that display only system processes or only windows, while still allowing you to interact with them. 

Pro tip: While you can’t hide the mouse jiggler bar in Windows 10, you can resize it. Head over to Settings > System > Notifications & actions, select “Show running apps” and adjust the size of the Mouse Jiggler bar.


The second factor to consider when choosing a mouse jiggler alternative is mouse jiggler’s overall performance. Mouse jiggler’s simple interface makes it easy to track system activities, but it’s also a resource hog, which can cause issues on slow computers. 

Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Mouse jiggler alternative can display activities in a more compact format, making it much faster and more efficient than mouse jiggler. Pro tip: To check which apps are using the most system resources, head over to Settings > System > About & Storage.

Apps > Notifications

Thirdly, the mouse jiggler alternative you’re looking for must work with the apps that you regularly use. For instance, if you rely on the Calendar app for your schedules, then you should make sure that your mouse jiggler alternative is compatible with it. Look for apps like Calendar, Mail & Outlook, and the Weather app that are compatible with the alternatives. 

Pro tip: Apps > Notifications is a hidden setting on the Settings menu that can help you get a better look at all your apps that are constantly using the battery. In addition to checking for mouse jiggler alternative compatibility, you should also make sure that it works with the hardware of your device.


The fourth point is the price. If you are not willing to spend much on the mouse jiggler alternative then look at alternatives that are quite affordable. Some of the alternatives for mouse jiggler include Backup Assistant Pro, Battery Doctor, and Battery Defender.

There are also disadvantages that come with using these types of software. The first is that there is too much software that mimics mouse jiggler. You might not be aware of them, but some of the alternatives for mouse jiggler may be alike or even identical to the original.

Should Not Be Too Demanding

The last factor is that you should not be too demanding when it comes to the mouse jiggler alternative. The original software has been a top-selling software in the past, and most likely will be in the future.

FAQs About Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Mouse Jiggler Alternative

How do I use a mouse jiggler?

A mouse jiggler is a handy little application used to fool your operating system into thinking that your mouse has moved every few seconds. By doing this, you can simulate constant mouse movements while not physically moving the mouse around. 

This is great for getting work done on slower computers. All of our desktop computer plans include several different types of mouse jigglers!

What are the risks of using a mouse jiggler?

There has recently been some discussion around the use of mouse jiggler products and whether or not they can cause damage to your computer. Most individuals in the computer and technology world state that there is no harm in using a mouse jiggler product. Here are some common points from those who support the use of these products: 

  • Takes advantage of natural eye movement
  • Provides mental breaks 
  • Reduces eye fatigue 
  • Minimizes productivity loss to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) 

These points are not entirely incorrect, but they don’t account for all possible negative outcomes. While the risk of RSI is much lower than the risk of damage to your computer, if the jiggler you’re using causes enough stress on your mouse, your mouse’s rubber membrane might wear out and begin to stick to the trackball. 

This can happen during heavy usage or even daily usage. Another possibility is that you might use so much force while rolling your mouse around, that the mouse will eventually detach from the support bracket.

What are the different types of mouse jigglers?

There are different types of mouse jigglers or clickers. There are the non-software ones, which can be purchased for about five dollars, and there are software options that make the process more automated. Here are a few tips on what to consider before you start using this strategy. 

Mouse Jiggler Alternative

The first type of mouse jiggler is the manual one. You have to put a small amount of weight on your mouse to make it “click” which allows you to know when it moves. This type of jiggler is useful in cases where you have a very small desk space, or if you only want to use it when you need to be able to move your mouse around. 

The second type of mouse jiggler is the one that you place on your mouse but only when you need to move it. The software mouse jiggler works by using the built-in program from your computer. When you are using this type of jiggler, you will find that your mouse speed is reduced to zero every time you move it. 

You can set the speed at which your mouse should move before you put it on the jigglers. This way, you can control when and how much movement is allowed. The main advantage of using the software mouse jiggler is that it will help you in your daily tasks, especially if you do not have enough space to place the manual one. 

This one will also help in preventing you from falling while using your computer. If you are concerned about not being able to move your mouse, this is the best option for you because it allows you to continue using your computer without placing it on the jiggler.

Is a mouse jiggler necessary?

I would say if you have a large desk, or if you use your computer for intensive long-term tasks like programming, then you need to get a mouse jiggler.

How long should I use a mouse jiggler?

You are using a mouse jiggler to secure your network when you don’t want people knowing your physical location. There is talk that they can be used effectively, but how long should you leave it on? If the answer is “just long enough to be effective” that is a very short answer, so I say leave it on for at least a month, maybe more.


There are many mouse jiggler alternatives on the market, but the best one is the one that fits your needs. Whether you need a low-cost option or a more sophisticated tool, there is a mouse jiggler out there for you. HONKID Undetectable Mouse Mover Jiggler is an example.

It’s an ideal mouse jiggler to use when you need to find a small USB jiggler that is undetectable. It is easy to use and small, yet effective. The price is affordable as well. This jiggler is ideal for those who travel or use computers on public networks.

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